Assembly Service 


Make Your Assembly Life Easy!

You already spent hours selecting and buying the perfect furniture for your home, now let us do the hassle and build that perfect Kitchen, bathroom, living, or bedroom for you! We assemble and install anything you buy 

Furniture mounted to wall 

Assembly Service 

Wall Shelf Installation

Furniture Assembly 

Office Furniture Assembly

IKEA Furniture Assembly

Work Station Setup

Cubical Assembly

Art Hanging 

Signage Service 

Elliptical Gym Equipment

Other Gym Equipment

from 65.00$

from 30.00$

from 20.00$

from 30.00$

from 65.00$

from 30.00$

from 80.00$

from 80.00$

from 25.00$ up To 3 and 4 and above 20.00$

from 35.00$

from 85.00$

from 75.00$

Minimum Service Charge Fee 65.00$

This service fee will be waived when installation is performed above 65.00$

services include an industry-leading workmanship guarantee and $2M insurance policy.