Door Lock Installation / Light Fixture Installation 


Door Lock

Door Lock Installation 

Door Closer 

Panic set 

Entry Door Lock Installation 

Standard Interior Lock Set 

Door Installation 

From 75.00$

From 65.00$

From 95.00$

From 85.00$

From 25.00$

From 25.00$ 

Extra Cost 

Remove Existing Hardware 

Door Adjustment

Modification of Door for the Door Hardware

Miscellaneous Item 


From 15.00$

From 35.00$

From 5.00$

Light Fixture 

Light Fixture Installation  

Ceiling Fan Fixture Installation  

From 35.00$

From 55.00$


Minimum Service Charge Fee 65.00$

This service fee will be waived when installation is performed above 65.00$

services include an industry-leading workmanship guarantee and $2M insurance policy.